Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sub Dubs Dec 2010

Last releases of the year.

BASSRAEL, Let It Blow (The remixes).

STK - 25

GULLY FLOSS, The Gully Step LP .

STK 026


STK 027

RUSH D, Colony Collapse Disorder.

STK - 028


STK 029


STK - 030

MR BRISTOW,All About The Music

STK - 031

Thanks for all your support through out 2010

Keep checking out the Substore for the latest free ep download ...

Have a banging Christmas and a mash up New Year
from all the crew here at SUBTEK.

See you next year !

Wednesday, December 8, 2010



Narky aka Anarky is a hot new up and coming producer from South-West UK.
He produces drum&bass and dubstep, his productions' full of inner emotion and true life experience.

A hard-working dedicated producer who has been through ruff timez and come out the other side fighting.
Now his sole mission is producing adrenaline fuelled d&b and dubstep, real life music with a message.

2010 has kicked off for him with various djs playing his tunez out at partys and getting a good response from the dancefloor.

His signings with Monkey Dub Recordings and Subtek Records are a credit to his hard work ethics.






Subtek Records, Monkey Dub Recordings


cubase sx3,waves mercury, zeta, massive, nexus, albino2, lexicon soundcard, vengeance

Out Now !


The Slag/The Nine/Turkish Torture

click links on player to buy .

Friday, November 26, 2010

Radaza on a Roll !

Radaza's new track ‘GOTTERDAMMERUNG’
is now charting on Beatport’s Top 10 ‘MUST HEAR BREAKS TRACK ‘ for week 46
and MIXMAG’s Top 5
0 Albums for November.

Götterdämmerung Radaza by RADAZA

Thank you for your support and please continue supporting your local artists.

You can purchase my EP or single tracks on the website at the bottom of this email.



Juno download:

Mr Bristow ,Shine FM !

Mr Bristows forthcoming release on Subtek The Abyss / Up Against It STK - 021
is already getting plays on Shine FM, Big Up! Swifty B ,
smashed it at Hidden,and is creeping its way in to General Midi's playlist.

Roll on Cape Town N.Y.E.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Defazed AKA producer Richard Gale is renowned for his epic live laptop performances and infectiously dark music charting the cerebral side of cutting edge drum and bass. His primary concerns are twisted bass and crystalline production. Following several solo releases and winning two Laptop Battle UK titles, Defazed has teamed up with Esion to bring you a line-up of pounding drum'n'bass and earth-moving dubstep releases in 2010.

Esion aka Steve Hatfield is a purveyor of the filthiest bass, breaks and grooves, a man who surfaces for brief periods to fire up the dancefloor before disappearing into the night. However, it is now as he starts to produce that he is really starting to make his mark. After moving round the country working and learning with various artists he has now started rocking the scene in Bristol. Running a successful night in Bristol with some big name DJs on the bill and MP3 releases to follow we look forward to 2010 in anticipation of what we will see and hear from him.


Defazed and Esion STK - 23


Monday, September 27, 2010

Out and about with Bassrael !

New Dates ...

08.10. - Le Grand, Dortmund (w/ LOWmAX)

14.10. - PVC, Duesseldorf (w/ DJ MADD)

15.10. - Prinzenbar, Hamburg (w/ DESMOND DENKER)

16.10. - RAVEOLUTION @ Papierfabrik, Cologne (w/ BUKEZ FINEZT, WADADDA)

22.10. - Horst XBerg, Berlin (w/ TES LA ROK)

30.10. - tba, Bonn (w/ DESMOND DENKER)

06.11. - Kunstverein, Nürnberg (w/ GENETIC KREW)

11.11. - PVC, Duesseldorf (w/ TUNNIDGE)

13.11. - KULT 140, Bonn (w/ LOWmAX)

09.12. - PVC, Duesseldorf (w/ PENELOPE)

check out his weekly Dubby Terror Show...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sat 9th October - Electric Circus

The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum
@ Scala, Kings X, London
Underground London Party Crews Gather to send the rebel circus mission to Gaza, taking aid and smiles.

On the 9th of October a collective of the Uk's underground party crews will gather together for a second time in the Scala to put on a monumental event and send the REBEL CIRCUS to bring smiles to the children of Gaza.

An indoor Festival of (L)unity! with some of the best live acts of the moment, accompanied by surreal and stunning aerial circus and walkabout creations, for a full on sensory overload of fun and chaos!

The last event was a full sensory experience unparalleled in peculiarity as the circus came to town. The pole dancing ferrets gyrated while chainsaws where juggled and the air was filled with flying acrobats all to a backdrop of stunning visuals and a soundtrack of cutting edge music provided by some of the UK's best undergrounds musicians.

This time the bar will be raised as Steve Bedlam, Chris tofu, Subtek, Bassline Circus and Fluorotrash unite to let THE LUNATICS TAKE OVER THE ASYLUM, There will be more explosive Ariel entertainment, fantastical fancy dress, wonderous walk about performers and music provided by THE FREESTYLERS, SUB SOURCE, ATOMIC HOOLIGAN To see the full line up click here.

After the event The rebel circus will travel to Egypt in order to gain entry to the Gaza strip and take the money raised directly to the people who need it.

They organizers of the circus have been involved in over 270 shows in war torn and occupied parts of the middle east, in order to " Takes love, laughter, smiles and silliness directly to people who need it most, children and families.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Smash- Slop Rock ft Kitch ( Radaza's Splintered Percussions Remix)

The guys from Slop Rock have given me permission to remix their new track 'SMASH' (Ho-ju Records) and thought I'd share it with you. The original is a heavy electro house sound so I've added a few percussions to give it a bouncier vibe.

Monday, September 20, 2010

SAFWA - STK 019 Out Now !!

Out Today SAFWA - STK 019

Satalite / Fool Anthem / 356,subtek-records.html

available from beatport juno and all other major download sites ...

SAFWA are a live electronic music project consisting of dubstep/electronics producers
Jonas Wood (on the left), Joris Van Genechten (middle) and Robin Vanden Bussche.

SAFWA produce there own interpretation of dubstep,
cheerful but aggressive at the same time.

Influences are King Tubby, Kraftwerk, Nero and Sub Focus.

SAFWA do both live performances
(using three laptops and a bunch of midi-controllers) and Dj-sets.

Another of there projects is a two-weekly radio show on Radio Central in Belgium
which they use to push the dubstep scene over there.

Catch up with whats going on at the SAFWA camp...

Subtek Records:


Monday, September 6, 2010

Mixmag Review on Dual Heritage.

Big up Gully Floss !!

Mixmag Review out on Dual Heritage STK - 018

"Blistering grime-step talent from LutonThere's not even space here to list the high points of these 7 tracks wherein the rough pirate radio signals of old-school grime collides with the churn of rave-up dubstep plus kung fu movie samples and Lauryn Hill. Just occasionally there's too much going on at once, but Gully Fl...oss is a raw talent to watch. 4/5"

Mr Bristow ...

You can catch Mr Bristow
out and about Live and Direct
performing with The Scribes.

Saturday 11th September 2010
DOORS OPEN: 7:30 PM - 3:00 AM
GENRE: Hip Hop / Trip Hop / Rap

Free Entry

236 Green lanes, Palmers Green LONDON N13 5UD

Dual Heritage OUT TODAY !!

Do not miss this !!

Gully Floss / Dual Heritage STK - 018
7 track ep.
Available NOW from all major download stores...

Myebook - SubTek present Dual Heritage EP by Gully Floss - click here to open my ebook


Straight out of Luton, comes music producer Gully Floss with his self proclaimed ‘Gully Flow’: a name chosen to reflect his heavily grime influenced dubstep sound fusing abstract yet soulful melodies with aggressive rhythms, brutal snares and twisted angry basslines.
He is beginning to master his own unorthodox dubstep and grime hybrid:
a sound that will hopefully become widely recognised amongst dubstep and grime fans alike.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Enforcer on the rise...

Enforcer is on the top 10 electronic charts for Triple J unearthed. I want to thank everyone who rated my track and voted. If you haven't done so please vote and rate the track and help me get to number 1. Click on the link below to see the top 100 charts

You're a champion!!


Monday, July 19, 2010



Narky aka Anarky is a hot new up and coming producer from South-West UK.
He produces drum&bass and dubstep, his productions' full of inner emotion and true life experience.

A hard-working dedicated producer who has been through ruff timez and come out the other side fighting.
Now his sole mission is producing adrenaline fuelled d&b and dubstep, real life music with a message.

2010 has kicked off for him with various djs playing his tunez out at partys and getting a good response from the dancefloor.

His signings with Monkey Dub Recordings and Subtek Records are a credit to his hard work ethics.

Out Now !!

1.This is War:

Kicks strate off with hats n a reporter type vocal from afganastan, underlayed by a deep sub bass.This minimal intro builds great tension and anticipation for the drop.As usual its got the narky dark-style basslines moving seamlessly between eachother,growin an morphin throughout the tune.this is war!!

2.Power Level 9000:

Inspired by an old skool japanese cartoon with a cool little vocal before the drop.This 1 has been rinsed already in the uk for a month or so by a select few djs.2 main gritty basses weavin in n out of eachother throughout the tune giv it great energy.cant be missed.defintly 1 for the dancefloor!

3.Madness Unleashed:

Another dancefloor banger from narky! when this 1 drops madness truly is unleashed.Deep dark basses with a squelchy lfo bass will tear up the place at any venue.The sqeulchy lfo bass is actually a pre-set from 1 of narkys dubstep tunes Daywalker.1 of narkys more experimental d&b projects which isnt so much that it pulls away from the genre but enough to make it stand out in a crowd!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New ebook from Quenched

Check it out !!

Myebook - Quenched Unsigned Presents SubTeks new break out artists - click here to open my ebook

Big Thanks to DJ Skerritt

quenched unsigned

Monday, June 28, 2010

Radaza STK - 013 OUT NOW !!

Second Break release from Subtek Records is ...


If its a Summer Dance Floor Smasher your after.....

Check it out !!

Radaza - STK - 013

Label: Sub-Tek Records
Genre: - Breakbeat
Production Year: 2010
Release Date: 06/21/2010
Catalog Number: STK - 013

tracks: 3

Enforcer (feat. Kitch)



Radaza continues to ignite dance floors and festivals with his infectious energetic sets and body rocking beats. Garnering rave reviews and earning respect from his peers and fans, he has solidified his place into the elite group of Queensland's beat pushers and music makers. With a string of residencies and guest spots under his belt, this hard working performer continues to push his sound with an almost inexhaustible energy night after night, week after week. Effortlessly crossing genres and styles, his versatility is widely known

Enforcer Comments:

"Hectic! Massive big ups" -Danny T (Dub Noir/Potty Mouth Music)
" Nice work mate" -Habebe (LNA/One Love)
"Good atmos sounds in here - there's a good prog remix in this somewhere I reckon." Kris-Ko (Sidechain music/Time off magazine)
"aaaaaawwwwwwwww shit, this is a pretty dope track man.: Tomy (Horror Disco Radio/Rhythm Division)
'Track of the week'- Fridgejet blog spot (

(Fridgeje: Queensland)

Radaza ft Kitch - Enforcer (Original Mix)

"First up we've got a new track from Radaza, a highly versatile local DJ who's got what many want when it comes to late night musical capabilities. Playing everything from electro and hip-hop to breaks and trance, he somehow managers to find extra time to spearhead promotional efforts for a number of well known companies and even sit atop Boomstar Loco - a group most of you will know a fair bit about. Here's a breaks offering from the man himself, see what you think and hit him up with praise!"


Track of the Week-Kingdom by Radaza

"I stumbled on this Australian producers work and really like this track. It’s not mastered yet so i can’t imagine what the finished product is going to sound like…sounds good to me like it is. It has a sort of progressive breakbeat feel but maintains a semi subtle electro vibe…dunno…i like it though and hopefully you guys will too. Keep your eye on this guy. He’s getting my first ever track of the week."

Monday, June 7, 2010

STK - 012 Blind Foley OUT NOW !!

The Long and Awaited Blind Foley Release on SUBTEK Records

Blind Foley has released his debut work for SUBTEK records with the tracks Mexico and Foolish.

(out 7th June on most major download stores including Amazon, and Juno)

This artist from Edinburgh has been hanging on the fringes of the music scene for many years after being involved in Leith’s seminal Shambles Hat Productions and legendary underground band The Mile.

With no definitive scene around him Blind Foley took the idea to gather up every sound, thought and feeling and stick it into the mixing bowl. What came out was a fruitful journey that made its way through an incredible number of genres with sounds ranging between everything such as Herbie Hancock and The Chemical Brothers to the alkaline groove of Ninja Tunes.

The monstrous breaks track Mexico is made up from acid influenced electronic funk music with progressive twisted melodies. The track builds nicely and bass swerves to really keep your ears guessing. To show his darker side, the release is coupled with original orchestral dubstep with moon-based mourning vocals leading to a huge big beat explosion.

Prior to release, both tracks have been featured in mixes, radio and on online TV shows including Concrete Jungle, Dubstep FM and Dubby Terror, as well as being played out at this years Winter Music Conference with great reception.

Blind Foley’s sound really fits nicely in the newly formed SUBTEK label which has been developed to showcase the best up and coming artists and producers in today’s underground music scene.

For more information on Blind Foley and SUBTEK Records you can check out the following websites…

Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Inch Punch !!

One Inch Punch is a 12-track EP showcasing various artists.
It is available to download from 31/05/10.

One Inch Punch is an EP not restricted by genre, its an album that brings out the talent embedded in each track.

With just one punch comes the crunch.

Myebook - Quenched Presents; SubTek One Inch Punch2 - click here to open my ebook

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Releases out on Beatport...

available from Beatport and all major download stores...


2007 – Rap-Feature: „Angry Teng feat. RBM – Kampfroboter“ (Angry Teng - Nich Zu Fassen CD)

2008 – 2009 hosted two InternetRadio-Shows @ Kopfnuss.TV (with Chryzla / RBM / Bohai) & Dubby_Terror_Show
Plus monthly Dubstep-Party in Düsseldorf with Penelope (Royal Beat Club) at the Pretty Vacant Club,which is still running.

2009 First Dubstep-Release: "Break Your Concentration" on Networx Vol. 1 (Biggerdubz / former Barish Rec)
Rapping & Scratching with my new band BOHAI

2010 Dubstep-Releases: "Mighty Nice" feat. AC Akut (Enough Dubs 2)

STK - 010 Subtek Records
STK - 011 One Inch Punch ep Subtek Records

forthcoming on


Dubby_Terror_Show (Dubstep)

RBM (HipHop)

BOHAI (HipHop/Funk/Reggae)

new radio-mix from last week with some sub-tek tracks.
bassrael @ borderclash /

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New signing at Subtek..

New artist on board...

Arthur Galimov.

My name is Arthur Galimov.
I was born in Kemerovo, Russia.
First my experiments were in ridm and hip hop.
Then I came up with the dnb and jungle stuff ,
and from the autumn of 2008 I am fully into dubstep.

My inspiration comes from different genres of music
but the most inspiring for me are
dub, dub techno, techno, dubstep,
jazz and ambient.

Welcome aboard Arthur we look forward to working with you ...

Stay Tuned !!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Lushman !!


Production Winner IDJ Mag.. April 2010.

"Lushman is a shining example of why we need to keep our ears to the ground for the freshest of fresh talent in this modern day and age. Taking the glossy electro stylings of the Skweee movement and matching it to 21st century 2-step riddims, the imminet in his debut EP on SUBTEK should be the spingboard to big things!"


Available 3 / 5 / 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

You're a fucking what?!?


You're a fucking what?!? There’s been some strange sounds emerging from some strange places recently. Today Subtek Records brings you something all the way from Belgium. With their own radio show in Antwerp, and several gigs out and about, these guys are ripping the scene up over there.

Out Today in all major download stores !!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Out Today!!

Out Today Subtek records first DnB release of 2010, tracks are written and produced by Defazed and Esion.


Relentless breaks, growling basslines and acid-tinged synths.
Prophecy is a post-rave trip into the apocalypse.
Prepare for dancefloor destruction.


Endless Reese bass backed up by some cutting stabs and haunting
Hardcopy is definitely not to be taken lightly.

We hope you enjoy this release and expect more sick Dnb tunes from these guys!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Out Now !!

Available from all major download stores...