Monday, July 19, 2010



Narky aka Anarky is a hot new up and coming producer from South-West UK.
He produces drum&bass and dubstep, his productions' full of inner emotion and true life experience.

A hard-working dedicated producer who has been through ruff timez and come out the other side fighting.
Now his sole mission is producing adrenaline fuelled d&b and dubstep, real life music with a message.

2010 has kicked off for him with various djs playing his tunez out at partys and getting a good response from the dancefloor.

His signings with Monkey Dub Recordings and Subtek Records are a credit to his hard work ethics.

Out Now !!

1.This is War:

Kicks strate off with hats n a reporter type vocal from afganastan, underlayed by a deep sub bass.This minimal intro builds great tension and anticipation for the drop.As usual its got the narky dark-style basslines moving seamlessly between eachother,growin an morphin throughout the tune.this is war!!

2.Power Level 9000:

Inspired by an old skool japanese cartoon with a cool little vocal before the drop.This 1 has been rinsed already in the uk for a month or so by a select few djs.2 main gritty basses weavin in n out of eachother throughout the tune giv it great energy.cant be missed.defintly 1 for the dancefloor!

3.Madness Unleashed:

Another dancefloor banger from narky! when this 1 drops madness truly is unleashed.Deep dark basses with a squelchy lfo bass will tear up the place at any venue.The sqeulchy lfo bass is actually a pre-set from 1 of narkys dubstep tunes Daywalker.1 of narkys more experimental d&b projects which isnt so much that it pulls away from the genre but enough to make it stand out in a crowd!

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