Saturday, July 31, 2010

Enforcer on the rise...

Enforcer is on the top 10 electronic charts for Triple J unearthed. I want to thank everyone who rated my track and voted. If you haven't done so please vote and rate the track and help me get to number 1. Click on the link below to see the top 100 charts

You're a champion!!


Monday, July 19, 2010



Narky aka Anarky is a hot new up and coming producer from South-West UK.
He produces drum&bass and dubstep, his productions' full of inner emotion and true life experience.

A hard-working dedicated producer who has been through ruff timez and come out the other side fighting.
Now his sole mission is producing adrenaline fuelled d&b and dubstep, real life music with a message.

2010 has kicked off for him with various djs playing his tunez out at partys and getting a good response from the dancefloor.

His signings with Monkey Dub Recordings and Subtek Records are a credit to his hard work ethics.

Out Now !!

1.This is War:

Kicks strate off with hats n a reporter type vocal from afganastan, underlayed by a deep sub bass.This minimal intro builds great tension and anticipation for the drop.As usual its got the narky dark-style basslines moving seamlessly between eachother,growin an morphin throughout the tune.this is war!!

2.Power Level 9000:

Inspired by an old skool japanese cartoon with a cool little vocal before the drop.This 1 has been rinsed already in the uk for a month or so by a select few djs.2 main gritty basses weavin in n out of eachother throughout the tune giv it great energy.cant be missed.defintly 1 for the dancefloor!

3.Madness Unleashed:

Another dancefloor banger from narky! when this 1 drops madness truly is unleashed.Deep dark basses with a squelchy lfo bass will tear up the place at any venue.The sqeulchy lfo bass is actually a pre-set from 1 of narkys dubstep tunes Daywalker.1 of narkys more experimental d&b projects which isnt so much that it pulls away from the genre but enough to make it stand out in a crowd!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New ebook from Quenched

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Big Thanks to DJ Skerritt

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