Monday, June 28, 2010

Radaza STK - 013 OUT NOW !!

Second Break release from Subtek Records is ...


If its a Summer Dance Floor Smasher your after.....

Check it out !!

Radaza - STK - 013

Label: Sub-Tek Records
Genre: - Breakbeat
Production Year: 2010
Release Date: 06/21/2010
Catalog Number: STK - 013

tracks: 3

Enforcer (feat. Kitch)



Radaza continues to ignite dance floors and festivals with his infectious energetic sets and body rocking beats. Garnering rave reviews and earning respect from his peers and fans, he has solidified his place into the elite group of Queensland's beat pushers and music makers. With a string of residencies and guest spots under his belt, this hard working performer continues to push his sound with an almost inexhaustible energy night after night, week after week. Effortlessly crossing genres and styles, his versatility is widely known

Enforcer Comments:

"Hectic! Massive big ups" -Danny T (Dub Noir/Potty Mouth Music)
" Nice work mate" -Habebe (LNA/One Love)
"Good atmos sounds in here - there's a good prog remix in this somewhere I reckon." Kris-Ko (Sidechain music/Time off magazine)
"aaaaaawwwwwwwww shit, this is a pretty dope track man.: Tomy (Horror Disco Radio/Rhythm Division)
'Track of the week'- Fridgejet blog spot (

(Fridgeje: Queensland)

Radaza ft Kitch - Enforcer (Original Mix)

"First up we've got a new track from Radaza, a highly versatile local DJ who's got what many want when it comes to late night musical capabilities. Playing everything from electro and hip-hop to breaks and trance, he somehow managers to find extra time to spearhead promotional efforts for a number of well known companies and even sit atop Boomstar Loco - a group most of you will know a fair bit about. Here's a breaks offering from the man himself, see what you think and hit him up with praise!"


Track of the Week-Kingdom by Radaza

"I stumbled on this Australian producers work and really like this track. It’s not mastered yet so i can’t imagine what the finished product is going to sound like…sounds good to me like it is. It has a sort of progressive breakbeat feel but maintains a semi subtle electro vibe…dunno…i like it though and hopefully you guys will too. Keep your eye on this guy. He’s getting my first ever track of the week."

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