Monday, September 20, 2010

SAFWA - STK 019 Out Now !!

Out Today SAFWA - STK 019

Satalite / Fool Anthem / 356,subtek-records.html

available from beatport juno and all other major download sites ...

SAFWA are a live electronic music project consisting of dubstep/electronics producers
Jonas Wood (on the left), Joris Van Genechten (middle) and Robin Vanden Bussche.

SAFWA produce there own interpretation of dubstep,
cheerful but aggressive at the same time.

Influences are King Tubby, Kraftwerk, Nero and Sub Focus.

SAFWA do both live performances
(using three laptops and a bunch of midi-controllers) and Dj-sets.

Another of there projects is a two-weekly radio show on Radio Central in Belgium
which they use to push the dubstep scene over there.

Catch up with whats going on at the SAFWA camp...

Subtek Records:


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  1. listen to the new ep here ...